Project Management

(Includes pre-construction, construction and customer service management)

Development Management

  • Preliminary review of planning status, opportunities and restrictions
  • Identify physical, environmental and community restrictions to development
  • Identification and appointment of the consultant team best suited to the particular type of development proposed
  • Coordinate with City Officials to fulfill requirements for the completion of Plan Amendments, Site Plan and Draft Plan application/approvals, Minor Variance applications, Construction/ Building/Occupancy permits and building registration
  • Manage re-zoning requirements and specifications as deemed by City Officials and Planning Committees

Marketing & Communications Management

  • Develop strategic advertising and marketing communications plans based on marketing and sales objectives including project launches, promotions and brand messaging
  • Provide creative development plans to enhance brand and project sales
  • Evaluate and recommend appropriate media mix and usage; including print advertising, direct marketing,brochures, web marketing initiatives and other
  • Manage agency relations and output
  • Track advertising effectiveness
  • Manage the advertising and marketing collateral budget

Sales Management

  • Research and analysis of target market
  • Coordinate sales office interior design and construction
  • Implement professional site launch and sales events
  • Manage full time sales office and administer staff
  • Manage legal agreements and deposits
  • Provide comprehensive sales database
  • Manage daily sales office activities
  • Create and implement sales strategies
  • Setup on-site financing program with financial institutions
  • Create pricing plans to meet revenue targets
  • Create sales forecast and track sales activity
  • Select upgrades and finishes via our internal H.O.M.E. options program

Post-Construction Management

  • Audit
  • Liaise with incoming Condominium Board
  • Fulfill and Implement all Tarion & Builder Bulletin 42 Customer Service Standards and obligations including:
    • 30-Day Warranty
    • One Year & Second Year Warranties
  • Final development accounts reconciliation, contractual close-out
  • Manage final inspections, project handover, warranty coverage and any technical reviews required
  • Post occupancy reviews and warranty services