Corporate Sustainability

Davies Smith Developments is focused on Corporate Sustainability.

Davies Smith Developments is committed to protecting the environment for future generations by being environmental leaders in our community and industry.

We strive to build communities that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safer for you. By using cutting edge technologies to build sustainable homes, that reduce energy consumption and minimize costs to each homeowner, Davies Smith Developments creates complete lifestyle experiences while reducing your environmental footprint.

For example, Ironstone Condominiums located in Burlington, will be heated and cooled by geothermal technology providing residents with superior year round climate control. Homeowners will save monthly from the use of geothermal technology, green roofing and low flow fixtures all which reduce the use of natural resources.

Davies Smith Developments sets out to build communities for the future that cater to the needs of today’s homeowner. A fusion of modern design and environmental sustainability, Davies Smith Developments brings a dynamic urban sensibility to condominium living.