Construction Management

Customer Service Management

  • Fulfill Obligations set-forth by TARION Warranty Corporation
  • Conduct Pre-Delivery Inspections
  • Provide 2 YEAR In-Suite Warranty
  • Register Vendor and all Units with TARION
  • Organize Property Management Set-Up
  • Coordinate end-user move-ins with Property Management

Construction Management

  • Management of construction management team
  • Contractor pre-qualification and selection
  • Estimating services
  • Management of design and contractual documents
  • Expedite all project deliverables, obtain project approvals, and ensure compliance with project documentation
  • Communication management
  • Integration management
  • Configuration management
  • Liaison with the contractor and design consultants throughout construction
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Liaison with construction lender and any external approval authorities in the processing of finance draws
  • Tendering and appointment of subcontractors
  • Supervision of on-site construction
  • Maintain site safety plan
  • Maintain cost budgets

Pre-Construction Management

  • Identification of the most profitable development scenarios, with a detailed "Development Performa” for review by the owner and as a basis for discussion with financial partners
  • Control and approval of monthly construction draws
  • Development and management of approved baseline schedule and budgets
  • Production of full drawings packages, tendering and appointment of subcontractors
  • Estimating services
  • Awarding
  • Declaration
  • Disclosure Statements
  • Identification and appointment of the consultant team best suited to the development
  • Tendering and appointment of a general contractor or construction manager